Submitted for the horror-based 5th Annual Hawktober Game Jam

Estimated playtime: 25 minutes

Content warning: This game may contain flashing lights and disturbing content including blood, animal cruelty and dramatized depiction of mental illness. Player discretion is advised.

Version 0.9

Baba'Lu, giver of life, master of the toxic swamp - our family made a promise for you three hundred years ago in exchange for our lives. But what future we can no longer uphold our family tradition?


Programming, Background art, Character art, Font, Writing:
  • Gensun
  • Gensun
  • OcRam
  • Yanfly
  • Galv
Sound Design & Music:
  • Joel Steudler
  • Bitter Sweet Entertainment, Inc.
  • TK.Projects
  • Degica
  • Gensun
Special Thanks:
  • HawkZombie
  • The jackass who stole and wrecked my car on the morning after the jam started


Baba' 148 MB

Development log


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Good game

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Thanks for playing the early alpha! The video upload is very helpful for me to see how the game plays to a random player. Mind if I credit you as a tester when the full release is rolled out by Oct 10th?